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Max is taking 4K away from its legacy ad-free subscribers

Illustration: The Verge

When HBO Max transformed into Max back in May, Warner Bros. Discovery said that existing subscribers on the ad-free plan would be able to hang onto certain perks (like 4K streaming) for at least the next six months without needing to spend more money. Well, we’re about to hit that six-month mark, and right on cue, the party’s over. That’s all, folks.

Max is emailing affected customers, letting them know that while their monthly price of $15.99 will remain the same moving forward, they’ll be losing a couple of perks on or after December 5th.

Specifically, 4K (and HDR) streaming will be removed for legacy customers; they’ll now be limited to HD quality, just like anyone signing up for Max’s ad-free tier today would be. If they want to…

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