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Meet Rick and Morty’s new voice actors

Morty and Rick taking off in Rick’s ship. | Image: Adult Swim

The new voices behind Rick and Morty’s titular duo sound so uncannily similar to their old selves that it almost seemed like Adult Swim might have simply recreated Justin Roiland’s voice using artificial intelligence. It turns out, though, that they’re just two relatively unknown voice actors who — much like Kevin “It’s-a me” Afghani — have landed roles of a lifetime.

As new Rick and Morty episodes begin to air alongside reruns, viewers are going to be hard-pressed to differentiate between Roiland’s old performances and what newcomers Ian Cardoni (Rick) and Harry Belden (Morty) are now bringing to the table.

In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, series showrunner Scott Marder and co-creator Dan Harmon said that was one of…

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