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Meta’s $499.99 Quest 3 headset is all about mixed reality and video games

The Quest 3 still covers your whole face — but you can see through it better now. | Photo by Becca Farsace / The Verge

Meta just announced its new headset, the Quest 3, which it is billing as a huge leap forward — not just for the Quest lineup, but for Meta’s whole vision of the future. The Quest 3 isn’t just a virtual reality headset like the Quest 2 but, rather, a mixed reality device like Apple’s Vision Pro. That means you can see what’s happening in the real world and interact with things around you, all while wearing your headset. The Quest 3 starts at $499.99, is open for preorders now, and will start shipping on October 10th.

Meta pretty much already announced the Quest 3 back in June when it was trying to get out ahead of the Vision Pro launch. Even now, Meta is clearly trying to position itself as the more mainstream mixed reality headset — “you…

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