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Mint is shutting down, and it’s pushing users toward Credit Karma

Image: Mint

Mint, the budgeting app owned by Intuit, is shutting down. Intuit announced on Tuesday that Mint will get absorbed into Intuit’s other service, Credit Karma, when it officially goes away on January 1st, 2024 (via Bloomberg). But it’s still not clear whether Credit Karma will get the budgeting features that Mint is known for.

Intuit first acquired Mint in 2009, an app that has offered a free way for users to track their budgets, manage expenses, negotiate bills, and keep tabs on subscriptions. Now, Intuit is inviting users to Credit Karma, a service that the company acquired in 2020. While Credit Karma offers similar features, like credit score checks, information on how to build credit, and credit monitoring, it still doesn’t come with…

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