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Moment’s T-Series lenses give your smartphone’s camera superpowers

Moment lenses from left to right: Macro 10x, Fisheye 14mm, Tele 58mm, Wide 18mm | Photo by Wes Davis / The Verge

Moment’s smartphone lenses are, in theory, perfect for people like me. I love taking pictures and have wanted to try more serious photography for a long time, but nicer DSLR cameras are expensive, bulky, and intimidating.

The new T-Series lenses from Moment, which launched last month and are now for sale, could be just the ticket for letting me take nicer pictures without investing in high-end camera gear. They’re hardly cheap — they range from $120 to $150 a piece — but they’re an easier pill to swallow: they’re cheaper than full-sized camera gear, lighter to lug around, and simpler to get into thanks to their reliance on a smartphone and camera UI you already know.

Moment gave me preproduction versions of four of the six lenses it…

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