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Notion’s new Q&A feature lets you ask an AI about your notes

Q&A tries to both answer your questions and cite its sources. | Image: Notion

The first killer app of AI for businesses, it appears, is a simple thing: to be able to find information in the morass of files, folders, attachments, incompatible enterprise software apps, and everything else that constitutes modern knowledge work. Notion, which aims to replace most of those things in a single tool, is launching a feature it thinks can help. It’s called Q&A, and CEO Ivan Zhao describes it to me as essentially an all-knowing AI executive assistant that knows everything about everything and can find it in a second or two.

Notion Q&A is available to all Notion users, whether you use it alone or through work, and it’ll cost between $8 and $10 per person per month. The tool has a lot in common with Microsoft’s Copilot and G…

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