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Nvidia and AMD plan to launch Arm PC chips as soon as 2025, Reuters reports

AMD and Qualcomm Surface devices. | Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge

Nvidia and AMD are both reportedly planning to launch Arm-based CPUs for Windows-based PCs. Reuters reports that Nvidia has started designing Arm-based CPUs in what could be a major expansion of Microsoft’s Windows on Arm work. Nvidia and AMD could both be ready with PC chips as soon as 2025, according to Reuters.

Microsoft has so far exclusively partnered with Qualcomm for Arm-based versions of Windows 11, and the Reuters report comes on the eve of Qualcomm’s next big Snapdragon launch for Arm-based chips that will likely power Samsung’s upcoming flagship phone. Reuters reports that Microsoft executives will be part of Qualcomm’s announcement tomorrow, including vice president of Windows and Devices Pavan Davuluri.

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