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Onewheel follows up its massive recall with a new $3,200 board for ‘pros’

Image: OneWheel

One month after Onewheel recalled every single one of its electric skateboards after four known deaths and a year of delay, the company’s releasing its fastest, most powerful, and most expensive board yet.

It’s called the Onewheel GT S-Series, and the $3,200 board will already come with the new safety mechanism it told the government it’d add to several previous generations of Onewheel — called Haptic Buzz, it vibrates the board when it’s running out of battery, attempting to exert too much torque, or is erroring out.

Speaking of torque, the S-Series adds more of it — the primary upgrade here is a new motor with 50 percent more voltage and 50 percent more torque. The company promises “high-speed carves up even the steepest of hills,”…

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