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Philips Hue’s two-bulb starter kit is on sale with a Hue Bridge for $40 off

Amazon’s discounted bundle arrives just as Philips Hue is gearing up to roll out support for Matter, the new smart home standard. | Image: Philips Hue

Outside of Sengled and Wyze, there are few companies in the smart lighting space as well known as Philips Hue, which offers one of the more robust catalogs of smart bulbs and light fixtures. However, it’s also not known to be particularly cheap. Thankfully, Amazon is currently offering a Philips Hue starter kit containing two color-changing A19 bulbs and a Philips Hue Bridge for just $89.99 ($40 off), which matches the lowest price we’ve seen on the entry-level kit. Some Prime and non-Prime accounts may even see an added 15 percent off coupon on Amazon’s page, dropping the Hue starter kit to an even lower $76.49, but we’re unable to verify the rhyme or reason of who gets that deeper discount. If you do, consider yourself blessed by the…

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