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Pixel 8 Pro teardown exposes its temperature sensor and a sticky battery setup

Image: iFixit via YouTube

We’ve already seen a teardown of the standard Pixel 8 model, but now iFixit has taken apart the $999 Pixel 8 Pro, offering a close look at the new temperature sensing tech that lives beneath the phone’s display.

iFixit’s Shahram Mokhtari starts by removing the Pixel 8 Pro’s screen using a heating mat, a clamp, and a pick. After disconnecting the display from the device, Mokhtari folds back the 5G mmWave antenna cable and unscrews the main frame. From there, Mokhtari attempts to remove the 5,050mAh battery by pulling at the plastic tabs beneath the component.

Image: iFixit via YouTube
iFixit offers a look at the Pixel 8 Pro’s camera setup.

However, Mokhtari runs into the same issue as PBKreviews, the YouTube…

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