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Pixel Watch 2 teaser shows off a new crown and sensor layout

Image: Google

Google just released a teaser video of the Pixel Watch 2, and while the smartwatch looks awfully similar to the original, there are some notable differences, such as a new crown, IP68 rating, and a totally different sensor array.

In the run-up to its Made by Google launch event on October 4th in New York, Google’s been “leaking” glimpses of its upcoming Pixel lineup, including Thursday’s closeup of the Pixel 8 Pro and the much smaller Pixel 8. However, our looks at the Pixel Watch 2 have been relatively fleeting. This new video, while short, is the first time we’ve been able to confirm some real differences in terms of design. (Yes, I replayed the video several times and held up my own Pixel Watch as a reference.)

For starters, the…

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