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Pokémon Concierge’s first trailer has perfect stats

Almost everything about the world of Pokémon revolves around humans and their magical monster buds fighting to near-death for fame and glory. But the first trailer for Netflix’s upcoming Pokémon Concierge series from Dwarf Animation Studio is a reminder that in order to succeed in battle, one must also make time to relax.

Set on a tropical island where pokémon travel for some much-needed downtime, Pokémon Concierge tells the story of Haru (​​Karen Fukuhara), a young woman working at resort that caters to the specific desires of its many pokémon guests. As new hires, there’s a lot about tending to the needs of battle-hardened pokémon that Haru and her partner Psyduck have to learn. But as tricky as it can be figuring out what pokémon…

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