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Qualcomm turns to Wi-Fi to take wireless earbuds and headphones to the next level

Image: Qualcomm

Any flagship pair of headphones or earbuds you buy nowadays is going to be very, very good. Noise cancellation has grown more impressive than ever, and Bluetooth codecs like LDAC and AptX Adaptive have led to meaningful upticks in audio quality. But there’s always room for our tech to get better, and particularly in the realm of wireless audio, we’re really pushing up against the limits of what Bluetooth can deliver.

That’s been true for some time, and Qualcomm believes it has come up with a solution: beginning with its next Snapdragon Sound platform, the company plans to rely on Wi-Fi, in addition to Bluetooth, to unshackle the next wave of headphones and earbuds from Bluetooth’s typical limitations. If the company’s promises bear out,…

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