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Ram’s new 1500 EV truck has ‘unlimited’ range, thanks to built-in gas generator

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Stellantis is making a new electric-propelled Ram truck with a large EV battery pack linked to a gasoline engine that can extend range for long trips without frequent charging stops. The automaker’s new pickup, the 2025 Ram 1500 Ramcharger, claims to go up to 690 miles on a full tank and charge.

Since the Ramcharger runs on dual electric motors, a 250kW in the front and 238kW one in the rear, it’s effectively an EV. But operationally, it’s like dealing with a plug-in hybrid. If you recall Chevy’s discontinued Volt, it too operated like an EV and provided around 50 miles of pure range — but a gas engine then kicks in to continue powering the EV system once the battery is depleted. The Ramcharger is basically like a massive version of the…

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