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Rick and Morty sound pretty much just like they used to in new season 7 trailer

Rick, Summer, and Morty. | Image: Adult Swim

Adult Swim has been tight-lipped about its plans to keep Rick and Morty going following the scandal-related departure of series co-creator and star Justin Roiland earlier this year. For months, fans have wondered how the show might continue with its titular characters being voiced by someone else, and while Adult Swim hasn’t announced the new actors’ names just yet, Rick and Morty’s latest season 7 trailer makes it pretty clear the newcomers are up to the task.

Between the haunted jewelry, robot ghosts, and voracious inhalation of spaghetti, it’s difficult to tell just where Rick and Morty’s seventh season will pick up. What does jump out rather shockingly, though, is how Rick and Morty sound essentially the same as they did before the…

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