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Samsung adds DisplayPort and more Multi View options to second massive Ark monitor

The Ark monitor showing four screens at once. | Image: Samsung

Samsung’s latest massive 55-inch Odyssey Ark monitor is now available to buy in the US for $2,999.99, the company announced today. Like the previous Ark, this is a 4K Mini LED display with a 165Hz refresh rate that aims to replace existing multi-monitor setups with one massive screen that can show a range of different content simultaneously.

On paper, the 55-inch Odyssey Ark 2nd Gen (G97NC), to use its full name, addresses two of our key complaints about the original Ark from last year. For starters, although the total number of video inputs remains the same at four, one of the HDMI ports has been turned into a DisplayPort connector.

Perhaps more importantly, Samsung advertises that the monitor can show a video feed from all four of…

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