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Samsung’s Galaxy Watch FE is its new entry-level smartwatch

The Galaxy Watch FE will retail for $199.99 with Bluetooth and $249.99 with LTE. | Image: Samsung

The leaks were right. Samsung just announced it’s launching a third smartwatch, the Galaxy Watch FE. It’s meant to be the company’s new entry-level smartwatch, offering a more affordable option compared to its flagship Galaxy Watch models.

It makes sense that Samsung’s doing this now. The Galaxy Watch series used to be relatively affordable compared to the competition, but in the past two years, Samsung’s raised the starting price of its watches by $50 to keep up with inflation. The FE will retail at $199 for the Bluetooth-only version and at $249.99 for the LTE version — which is more in line with what its watches used to cost. This also makes Samsung’s smartwatch lineup look a bit more like Apple’s, with a budget model, flagship model,…

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