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Samsung’s new ‘fan editions’ of the Galaxy S23, Tab S9, and Buds bring flagship features to lower prices

Look! A purple phone that’s actually purple. | Image: Samsung

Samsung’s FE series is back after a year off, this time with a pair of Galaxy Buds in the mix.

The Galaxy S23 FE has the specs we’d expect of a “value flagship” smartphone and a price that makes more sense: $599, rather than the $699 Samsung charged for the S21 FE. The Galaxy Tab S9 FE comes with robust water and dust resistance and a much friendlier $449 price tag than the pricey standard S9, which starts at $799 — but you’ll have to settle for an LCD panel rather than OLED. And the Galaxy Buds FE offer active noise cancellation for $99.

Samsung’s Galaxy S21 FE was the most recent phone in the FE series, and it didn’t make a lot of sense priced so closely to the standard S21. The company seems to have recognized the problem with this…

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