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Samsung’s new OLED TV could make annoying glare a thing of the past

Image: Samsung

Samsung’s third-generation QD-OLED TV, the new S95D, comes with a unique trick compared to its predecessors: it’s got a glare-free display that the company claims all but eliminates any noticeable reflections. This should prevent annoying distractions when you’re watching the TV on a sun-drenched day and trying to enjoy your content.

Anti-reflective coatings are nothing new on high-end TVs — Samsung, LG, and Sony are all pretty good at them as it stands — but Samsung seems to have gone a step beyond that with the special panel treatment being used here, and it insists there are no negative impacts on viewing angle or color distortion as a result.

“The OLED-optimized, low-reflection technology uses a new, specialized hard-coating layer…

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