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Silent Hill: Ascension is a streaming show with the frills of a multiplayer game

Image: Genvid Entertainment

Silent Hill: Ascension has been billed not as a game but, rather, as an interactive streaming series. And now, ahead of the show’s premiere on Halloween night, we finally have some sense of what that means. Developer Genvid Entertainment has just released a new explainer video that, well, explains how Ascension will actually work.

Essentially, the experience sounds like a mix of choice-based games like Telltale’s The Walking Dead and “choose your own adventure” shows like Netflix’s Bandersnatch. (Notably, the team at Genvid consists of a number of ex-Telltale staff.) Each evening, part of the story streams live, and there are various ways that players can interact with the experience. The most basic are quick-time events — called…

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