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Sony’s new PS5 with a removable disc drive launches in November

The new PS5 models. | Image: Sony

Sony officially announced a new PS5 model with a detachable disc drive and 1TB of internal storage. Often referred to as the PS5 “Slim,” this new model is slightly slimmer and shorter than the existing one but will crucially replace both the PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition. In the US, the new model will cost $499.99 with the drive included, while the PS5 Digital Edition is $449.99.

The new PS5 has a significant overall reduction in volume by more than 30 percent and an up to 24 percent reduction in weight (depending on which model you pick). Sony now has a bulge at the side of the PS5 for the disc drive, which can be removed and replaced with a side panel.

“There are four separate cover panels, with the top portion in a glossy look, while…

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