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Soon you’ll be able to safely microwave Cup Noodles (you weren’t doing that, right?)

Nissin’s microwavable Cup Noodles will hit shelves in 2024. | Image: Nissin Foods

Last week, Nissin announced that it was updating the design of its iconic Cup Noodles in early 2024. Instead of polystyrene, it’ll be made out of paper. Nissin also notes that thanks to the new packaging, its Cup Noodles will now be microwaveable. As in, you were never supposed to be microwaving Cup Noodles.

Cue chaos.

As it turns out, many people have not been reading labels when heating up Cup Noodles — a staple of college dorms, kitchen pantries, and many childhood memories. On social media, several people have been shocked to discover the original Cup Noodles were never meant for the microwave. Others are equally baffled that people have been microwaving Cup Noodles despite the the label clearly saying “Do not microwave.”


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