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SpaceX’s next Starship launch is on hold as FAA lists 63 ‘corrective actions’ needed

SpaceX Starship prototype | Image: SpaceX

The first orbital launch attempt for SpaceX’s Starship and Super Heavy booster in April ended explosively about four minutes into its test flight, and the FAA isn’t ready to clear a follow-up attempt yet. Today, the agency closed its mishap investigation and said the report identified 63 actions that need to be implemented by SpaceX before launches can resume. They include redesigns to prevent leaks and fires, a redesigned launch pad, and other fixes.

A new post from SpaceX discussing “Upgrades ahead of Starships’s second flight test” appeared shortly afterward that didn’t directly reference the 63 actions, but its details on why the first test flight lost control reflect what the FAA says needs to be addressed.

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