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Spotify’s new social listening feature lets you ‘Jam’ with 32 friends

Jam is rolling out globally to all Spotify users on Tuesday, September 26th. | Image: Spotify

Spotify just introduced a new social listening feature that lets multiple people DJ for your group party playlists. Rolling out globally today, Spotify Jam allows up to 32 Spotify users (as reported by TechCrunch) to participate in real-time listening sessions together, add songs to the shared playlist queue, and receive recommendations that bridge the gaps between group members’ tastes in music.

The feature is available to both free and Premium Spotify account holders, but only Spotify Premium subscribers (which starts at $5.99) can start and invite others to a Jam session. Jam participants will be able to select the device they want to play the music from if they wish to listen in remotely and can see who added specific tracks.


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