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Starfield has arrived on Nvidia’s GeForce Now — the most important cloud game yet

A screenshot from the video game Starfield. | Image: Bethesda Softworks

We’ve never seen a killer app for cloud gaming yet — but Starfield might be the next best thing. It has now arrived on Nvidia’s GeForce Now, the first cloud gaming service that might do it justice, and the only one with a completely free trial, no credit card required.

Both the Steam and Microsoft Store versions of Starfield are live right now. That means Xbox Game Pass subscribers don’t need to purchase a copy, and even if you’ve already started the game, your savegames should come along for the ride.

Why is Starfield such a big deal for cloud gaming? On PCs, the game is notoriously hard on both CPUs and GPUs and requires an SSD to play. It controversially didn’t launch with Nvidia’s frame rate-enhancing DLSS tech to ease the load,…

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