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Tesla Cybertruck will usher in a new ‘Powershare’ bidirectional charging feature

Image: Tesla

Tesla announced a new “Powershare” vehicle-to-load charging capability, only available on the new Cybertruck.

The feature will allow Cybertruck owners to power their camping equipment, power tools, or even their entire home during a blackout, just by using their electric truck as a mobile generator. The truck also features a 240-volt outlet in the rear bed that can be used to charge other EVs. An image on Tesla’s website shows the Cybertruck charging a Model Y.

The Cybertruck can put out as much as 11.5kW, which is more than the Ford F-150 Lightning’s 9.6kW of onboard power or the GMC Sierra Denali EV’s 10.2kW.

Tesla has been talking about manufacturing vehicles with bidirectional charging capabilities…

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