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Tesla’s back seat audio update keeps the kids’ content quiet

The Bluetooth headphones feature is coming to just the new Model 3, at least for now. | Image: Tesla

A Tesla software update is adding the ability to connect Bluetooth headphones so kids in the back seat can enjoy streaming movies and shows without disturbing their parents in the front. As Not a Tesla App notes, so far, the 2023.38.8 software update with the new feature for content viewed from Tesla’s Theater app is rolling out only for the redesigned Model 3 that offers an infotainment screen for back seat passengers. The new vehicle launched in Europe in September but has not yet reached the US market. The latest Model S and Model X vehicles in the US do have rear screens, but we have not heard about the update becoming available for them yet.

For now, those who own a redesigned Model 3 can connect up to two Bluetooth headphones by…

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