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The Apple TV just got its first big native VPN app

ExpressVPN comes to the Apple TV. | Image: ExpressVPN

One of the big uses of VPNs is to watch region-locked content, but until recently, you weren’t able to use them on Apple TVs. That’s now changing with the help of one of the bigger names in VPNs, ExpressVPN, which has released its app for tvOS. ExpressVPN will let Apple TV users connect to servers “in any of 105 countries around the world” so they can watch shows and movies and know that the IP address being reported to outside servers isn’t their own.

To download it, you’ll need to make sure you’re on tvOS 17 — earlier versions don’t support native VPN apps at all. Once set up, the app will route your traffic through faraway servers before forwarding them to whatever streaming service or other internet server the Apple TV contacts….

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