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The best apps and tools for managing your money online

Image: William Joel / The Verge

Hi, friends! Welcome to Installer No. 14, your guide to the best and Verge-iest stuff in the world. (If you’re new here, welcome, you’re my favorite, so happy you’re here, and also, you can read all the old editions at the Installer homepage.)

This week, I’ve been traveling a bunch, so I’ve watched Mission: Impossible – Fallout, Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves, and most of Rick and Morty. I’ve also been reading about life as an OnlyFans star and the insane growth of WhatsApp, doing some holiday meal planning in Mela, nodding vigorously at how bonkers tipping culture has become, and trying to make a dent in Barack Obama’s very good AI reading list.

I also have for you a rundown of the best tools for managing money, new gadgets…

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