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The best price ever on Sharge’s transparent batteries and retro Mac chargers

Sharge’s transparent batteries and retro Mac charger. | Image: Sharge

Ever heard of Sharge? The company is arguably just as responsible as Nothing for bringing transparent gadgets back — its see-through batteries swarmed social media and have inspired a wave of copycats. Less famously, it sells a kickass charger shaped like a classic Mac that offers 67 watts of USB-C PD charging across three ports despite its tiny frame.

They all tend to be pricey, but through October 11th, almost all of its chargers and power banks are on sale for their best prices ever — after you clip the Amazon coupon codes, anyhow.

I do want to caution you: while the transparent batteries are very cool, they run a little hot — I’ve sometimes found they stopped charging my most demanding devices due to overheating. That and an…

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