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The creator of Apollo for Reddit has moved onto smaller and weirder things

Screenshot by Jay Peters / The Verge

Christian Selig may not be working on Apollo for Reddit anymore, but it seems he’s doing just fine. Since shutting down Apollo because of the potential costs of Reddit’s usage-based API pricing, Selig has poured his energy into Pixel Pals, a widget-focused app that takes advantage of many iOS features in some surprising and delightful ways. According to Selig, the app is proving to be lucrative, too.

Selig launched Pixel Pals in September 2022 as a feature in Apollo to have some fun with the then-new Dynamic Island feature let little pixelated animals hang out on your Dynamic Island while you were browsing Reddit in the app. He quickly built more Pixel Pals features and broke Pixel Pals out into its own app in October 2022. He released a…

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