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The first trailer for Apple’s sci-fi film Fingernails shows a retrofuturistic romcom

Image: Apple

Just yesterday, I included Fingernails in a list of movies from the Toronto International Film Festival that would be streaming very soon. And now, we have our very first trailer for the sci-fi romcom, which is coming to Apple TV Plus.

Directed by Christos Nikou, Fingernails is set in a sort of retrofuturistic world where scientists have developed a test that can prove that two people are (or aren’t) in love. It then uses this oddball premise to set up a love triangle between its trio of stars — Jessie Buckley, Riz Ahmed, and Jeremy Allen White — as they attempt to navigate a world where a machine can determine whether a relationship lives or dies. It’s a quiet, dark comedy with a touch of body horror — the test itself involves yanking…

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