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The Fitbit Charge 6 looks like a return to form

The Fitbit Charge 6 sticks to what Fitbit does well. | Image: Google / Fitbit

Fitbit is back with the Charge 6 — and on paper, this one feels like the most Fitbit-y Fitbit since Google actively began folding the company into its ecosystem. Not only has the price been lowered from $179.95 to $159.95 but the device also adds an improved heart rate tracking algorithm, compatibility with certain gym machines, and better integration with Google services. Oh, and the physical side button is back, baby.

At first glance, the Charge 6 looks nearly identical to the Charge 5, with the most notable difference being the aforementioned return of the side button. But that’s huge. Fitbit replaced the physical button with an inductive groove with 2018’s Charge 3, and its reliability (or lack thereof) has been a point of contention…

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