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The iPhone 15 Pro is teaching me to embrace digital zoom

I promise digital zoom isn’t as icky as it used to be. | Photo by Allison Johnson / The Verge

If you want to hear a love story, ask any photographer about their favorite lens.

They’ll probably get a little glimmer in their eye as they tell you about the fast 35mm they carry everywhere or the long portrait lens with the bokeh that hits just right. Camera bodies come and go, but your favorite lens is a lifelong relationship.

Phone camera lenses are a different story. They’re built like a regular camera lens — only, you know, tiny — and they’re with us literally everywhere we go. But I don’t know anyone who would wax poetic about the 24mm equivalent wide angle on their iPhone or the 5x telephoto lens on their Pixel. Our relationships with them are much more transactional, and the results have as much to do with the image processing…

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