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The Lamborghini-inspired Dry Studio Black Diamond 75 gaming keyboard is more cool than cringe

It may be a 75 percent layout, but this hefty keyboard is anything but compact.

Angry Miao usually specializes in bespoke mechanical keyboards with zany or nonsensical designs that cost small fortunes. But today, its new Japan-based sub-brand, Dry Studio, is announcing a Lamborghini-inspired gaming keyboard that looks like a futuristic race car on your desk, yet it clocks in at a price some of us mere mortals can actually stomach.

It’s called the Black Diamond 75, a pre-built 75 percent mechanical keyboard (switches, PBT keycaps, and PCB-mounted stabilizers all included and preinstalled) with an integrated wrist wrest, and it starts at just $240 once it goes live on Indiegogo on September 26th — with expected shipments in November.

A respectable $240 for the base model or $295 for an even fancier special edition


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