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The Logitech Reach is an articulating webcam you can point at what you want

Logitech has announced the Logitech Reach, an articulating webcam intended to make for better, more interactive remote meetings, online tutoring, and livestreams. Logitech will crowdfund the camera through Indiegogo Enterprise at first, which it told The Verge in a briefing is how it will refine the design and decide on pricing. The company hasn’t announced when the campaign will start, but it may price the Reach between a “discounted” $299 and $399, per a survey on its site.

While the articulating arm is new, the camera itself isn’t; it’s one of our favorites: the 1080p, 60fps $170 Logitech Streamcam. You can replace it, albeit only with another Streamcam, but at least you won’t need to buy a whole new contraption if the camera breaks….

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