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The MagSafe Duo and MagSafe Battery Pack have left the Apple Store

This is what happens when you click on the MagSafe Duo link in Google search. | Screenshot by Wes Davis / The Verge

Apple has removed the MagSafe Battery Pack and the MagSafe Duo from its online store, reports 9to5Mac, following today’s iPhone 15 event. The pricey accessories have their quirks, but despite the valid criticisms, both devices have some devoted fans, even here at The Verge.

Apple began selling the MagSafe Duo in December of 2020 and launched the MagSafe Battery Pack in July of 2021, both during the iPhone 12 generation of phones.

You could plug the MagSafe Battery Pack in to check its charge with the pinprick, color-changing LED indicator, but it wasn’t helpful: green and you have a full charge, orange and you have, well, less than a full charge. To get a better idea, you have to put it on your phone for an animation that, in my…

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