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The Meta glassholes have arrived

Quest 3 in an elevator. | Video: @kukurio59 (TikTok)

It’s happening: people are once walking into public places wearing a video-recording face computer on their heads. Only this time, the faceputer is sold by Meta, not Google.

Say hello to Meta’s Glassholes.

OK don’t be mad. But someone had to do it.

walked into a cafe in mixed reality

— CIX (@CixLiv) October 16, 2023

Over the weekend, as buyers got their first uninterrupted stretches of time with the new Meta Quest 3 headset, some started posting videos of themselves interacting with the real world instead of playing games.

Sure, it’s cool to blast low-poly baddies breaking through your walls, but isn’t it more technically impressive that Meta’s new headset lets you cook a meal or sweep your floors or enjoy…

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