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The Orion Video System app turns your iPad into an HDMI monitor with retro vibes

Yes, you can play your docked Nintendo Switch on your iPad like it’s a portable monitor. | Image: Lux

The developer behind the popular iPhone pro camera app Halide has a new app that lets you use your iPad as an HDMI display you can use to play console games on, monitor your camera on a production set, and more. The app is called the Orion Video System, which is available today on the App Store and features a simple “modern design” interface — but with it comes fun retro-themed fonts and menus that remind you of the times you’ve attempted to set the clock on your VCR.

Orion works because Apple’s just opened the floodgates for USB video class (UVC) support on the iPad with iPadOS 17. You can now connect compatible webcams and video capture cards to USB-C iPad models (sorry, iPads with Lightning ports), including the cheap sub-$20 ones you…

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