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The PlayStation Portal at least makes stick drift easier to repair

Photo by Antonio G. Di Benedetto / The Verge

With stick drift plaguing so many controllers these days, it’s nice to see Sony making faulty thumbsticks a bit easier to repair on the PlayStation Portal. In a teardown video posted by iFixit, the team finds that only a little tinkering is required to access and remove the joysticks.

The iFixit team first removes the device’s plastic frame and pries off its backing. It then takes off the panel containing the Portal’s D-pad and button controls, allowing iFixit to disassemble the thumbsticks in about three steps using just a screwdriver. The only downside is that if you need to replace the Portal’s rumble packs, you’ll need to take out your soldering iron because they’re attached to the motherboard.

But still, that’s already more…

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