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The TikTok Shop rolls out in the US

TikTok lets you buy things now. | Image: TikTok

Starting today, TikTok users in the US can buy stuff directly in the TikTok app as the company rolls out TikTok Shop, its online marketplace that’s already live in the UK. With this change, brands and creators alike can sell directly to you in their videos — and it may even be fulfilled by TikTok itself.

The change isn’t immediately obvious when you open the app, but now, when you search for something, a new Shop tab can show you related items. You may also notice certain videos now have a button labeled “Shop” just above an account’s name — tapping that will let you buy whatever it is the video is hawking. Whether this will be annoying is up in the air; so far, I’ve just seen videos peddling small electronic puzzles and a fancy salt…

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