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The TVs, monitors, and laptops of CES 2024

Image: Alex Parkin / The Verge

Another year, another CES, another batch of big and strange ideas about displays. CES may not be quite the TV-centric show it once was, but you practically can’t turn around in the Las Vegas Convention Center without encountering a new way to use LEDs.

For the first of our two Vergecast episodes live from the Kia Connected Home at CES this week, we dug into the most important new screens of the year. That means TVs, monitors, laptops, smartphones, and all the other display-centric things we’ve seen so far. (On Friday, we’ll get to all the cars, smart home sensors, massage chairs, and everything else that’s not quite so screen-y.) Then, we get to the biggest CES-adjacent news of the week: Apple’s ship date announcement for the Vision Pro…

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