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The WiiM Amp is a stream-everything receiver with Mac Mini vibes

The $299 WiiM Amp has outputs for passive stereo speakers and plenty of streaming support. | Image: Linkplay Technology

Linkplay Technology announced a new addition to its lineup today: the WiiM Amp. The $299 device serves as a receiver with a decidedly vintage focus, even more so than the WiiM Pro Plus that the company launched earlier this year, thanks to physical outputs that let you output directly to a set of old-school passive stereo speakers.

The WiiM Amp is now the priciest streaming box from the company, but it’s possible it earns it for the right person. It’s more versatile than most compact AirPlay 2 receivers thanks to plentiful streaming standard support and the unique set of outputs for the bring-your-own speakers crowd. That’s probably a very small chunk of the population, but there just aren’t that many wireless receivers like this that…

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