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There’s a new 35mm film camera coming this year, and it looks pretty good

Now that’s a compact camera. | Image: MiNT

The analog film resurgence continues marching forward, as MiNT’s Rollei 35AF camera seems poised to release this year. The Hong Kong-based camera manufacturer first carved its niche making boutique instant film cameras that remixed classics like the Polaroid SX-70. Now, it’s launched a website with a waitlist for potential customers interested in this diminutive 35mm camera.

The Rollei 35AF is a reincarnation of the original Rollei 35 from 1966, but while one foot remains in the analog past, the new design incorporates lidar-based autofocus for its 35mm f/2.8 lens and options for automatic exposures. It’s still built with a boxy metal body like the original and seems to keep a very compact size. According to MiNT, via PetaPixel and K…

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