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There’s already a Pixel 8 teardown video

Screenshot: PBKreviews via YouTube

Google only officially took the wraps off the Pixel 8 just hours ago, and people are already tearing it down. In a video posted to YouTube, PBKreviews offers an early look at all the hardware packed behind the phone’s 6.2-inch OLED screen.

The video starts off with PBKreviews carefully removing the display, which features a fingerprint sensor that’s attached to the inside. After attempting to take out the 4,575mAh battery with the included pull tab, PBKreviews loosens up the adhesive beneath the battery with isopropyl alcohol and removes it using a pry tool instead.

Screenshot: PBKreviews via YouTube
Here’s a look at the Pixel 8’s main 50MP sensor and 12MP ultrawide camera.

Next, PBKreviews removes the 10.5MP…

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