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This little tool can crash an iPhone running iOS 17

Illustration by Lille Allen / The Verge

Security researchers have discovered that iPhones updated to iOS 17 are susceptible to a Bluetooth attack using a Flipper Zero device that can crash the phone. Ars Technica reports that security researcher Jeroen van der Ham fell victim to the exploit on a train journey last month, with his phone displaying multiple pop-up windows before rebooting.

Van der Ham discovered that the attacker, another passenger on the train, was using a Flipper Zero device with custom firmware to send a combination of Bluetooth low energy (BLE) alerts to nearby iPhone handsets running iOS 17.

The Flipper Zero is a very powerful device that we described as the Swiss Army knife of antennas last year. It’s a small orange and white plastic gadget with a 1.4-inch…

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