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This new button lets you twist your smart home into submission

The Flic Twist is a new smart home controller that works with Apple Home, Amazon Alexa and, according to the company, will soon work with Matter. | Image: Flic

Buttons are the best. They can make your smart home “just work” and don’t require wiring, remodeling your home, or shouting at a speaker to make magic happen. Want the lights to dim, your TV to turn on, your thermostat to adjust, and your front door to lock with one tap? Get a button.

The newest button from smart home button maker Flic, launching today, adds an exciting twist to the button concept. The Flic Twist ($88.88) is a button that you can push, double-push, twist, and push and twist to control any connected device.

The twist feature, in particular, is well suited to dimming lights, adjusting speaker volume or thermostat temperature, and controlling shades — all functions that are hard to achieve with just a button press.

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