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This new retrofit door lock from Abode promises 12 months of battery life

The Abode Lock is a retrofit Wi-Fi smart door lock that comes with a Bluetooth keypad with a fingerprint reader. | Image: Abode

Hot on the heels of launching the first Wi-Fi HaLow security camera, DIY smart home security company Abode is leaning into Wi-Fi as its primary smart home protocol with the arrival of its first smart door lock.

The Abode Lock ($159.99) is a Wi-Fi-powered retrofit lock that replaces the rear portion of a deadbolt but keeps the front lock the same, so you can continue to use your keys but also have digital access through an app and with a fingerprint reader and keypad.

The smart lock works on 2.4 or 5 GHz Wi-Fi and is now available to buy. It comes with a Bluetooth-connected keypad you place on the outside of your door for PIN and fingerprint unlocking; the whole package costs $159.99, with a launch price of $149.99 on The…

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