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This security camera’s 1.5-mile range is perfect for your sprawling mansion

Image: Abode

Your average security camera can easily capture footage of porch pirates — but what if it could trace them turning the corner in their getaway car? Abode has released a new outdoor security camera that can do just that. The Abode Edge Camera has a range of up to 1.5 miles and is designed to be placed in your backyard, garden, or some other outdoor vantage point.

The system works through Wi-Fi HaLow, a low-power version of Wi-Fi that can reach longer distances (but at a much lower bit rate) and is meant for IoT devices. Each security camera comes with a base station that goes inside your home; the camera connects to the base station over HaLow, then the base station connects to your at-home router using traditional Wi-Fi. HaLow was first…

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