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This security system lets you disarm it with your doorbell

Arlo’s new security tag can disarm its security system via its video doorbell. | Image: Arlo

Last year, smart security company Arlo launched a home security system with several features that rivaled the excellent Google Nest Secure (RIP) — including multifunction sensors and an all-in-one hub / keypad. It then promised an NFC security tag that would let you disarm the system with a tap. This week, it delivered on that promise with the launch of the Arlo Security Tag.

The new key fob lets you arm and disarm the system with a tap on the keypad hub inside your home, similar to what was possible with the Nest Secure. But Arlo has also added a handy option to disarm the system by tapping the tag on an Arlo video doorbell before you even enter your house.

The NFC-enabled tag is available now for $19.99 for a two-pack and works with…

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